Find websites on a single IP, or on a range of IP addresses

This tool will search over 4 million known domain names and return their IP addresses. It will also allow you to find websites hosted on a specific IP address for the .com, .ca,, .net, .info, .org, .jp, .it, .fr, .biz, .us, .nl and .name TLD's ( like a reverse WHOIS for websites ). Also available: find all websites within an IP range ( limited to blocks of 255 ).

Due to the volume of domain names in the system, please be patient waiting for the results.

IP addresses found followed with a + indicate multiple A records. IP records showing with a strikeout indicate that the IP is no longer valid ( ie the domain has moved to another host or has expired ).

Note: If you are just looking top find a websites IP, this tool is faster.

Enter search phrase - no www or TLD ( ie cnn not )

or single IP address ( )

or IP range ( Total IP range limited to 255 addresses )


or nearest neighbour - find first sites above and below specifed IP

Please note this search does not include sub-domains.

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